Markéta Tunková (CZ)


Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Markéta loves to draw, sew, and run around like a little girl, she loves crows and conifer forests of Vysočina. She is always packing a sketchbook and an ink and works as a graphic designer and illustrator. Last year she started a project called Comics Sunday. While finding out that anything can be turned into a comics, she chose a folklore theme for her contribution to KOMA – this was a special challenge, the author has never wore a traditional folk costume… but never say never!

For the first time this year, KOMA has announced a Call for Comics or Opencall. We have invited all professionals and amateurs to participate on the festival in its theme of EXTINCTION AND ENDANGERED SPECIES. We have been sent 23 sketched and finished comics from which we chose ten most interesting ones to be exhibited. The pieces present various topics from artificial intelligence to personal stories.