Marek Šindelka (CZ) - St. Barbora


Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 4:00 PM

Young journalist Andrea deals with the task of bringing light to an unresolved and well-publicized case from few years ago in the Czech Republic. In the centre of the case, there was a woman originally presenting herself as an 11 years old girl, later as a boy of the same age in Denmark. In the story, new and new mysteries were coming up, the conspiracy was changing every day. Abuse, influence of a strong sect, pieces of evidence involving elite persons. Andrea is getting more and more absorbed by the investigation, she is starting to forget about her personal life and her boyfriend Jakub. She creates a big board of names, events and connections on the wall of her room. Andrea is getting lost in the neverending labyrinth, but she cannot stop looking for the truth. When it finally looks that the truth is near, she has to answer basic question - what is she willing to sacrifice?