Kittchen + Aid Kid (CZ)


Friday, October 5, 2018 at 8:30 PM

Kittchen has united with Aid Kid and you can meet their merged set since spring 2018.

In 2011, Kittchen placed his debut album „Menu“ on his website for free. This piece has aroused quite a response on the alternative scene. The next album „Radio“ received the Anděl Award and his third work „Kontakt“ was successful as well. During seven years of performance, Kittchen has collaborated with theatre and film, he has experimented with video, exhibited painting and made remixes. Most of his fans however highlight Kittchen’s strong concerts, including solo ones and those with the drummer Tomáš Neuwerth. Last year, Kittchen performed several times with the genre chameleon Vladivojna La Chia or with mantracore artist Alaverdi. This season, he prepared a special menu together with one of the most significant electronic artists, the producer and DJ Aid Kid.

Ondra Mikula aka Aid Kid builds his live sets on the improvisation with his own tracks, the combination of emotional beats and escalating structures. He began to be seen already after releasing his first two singles. In 2015, Aid Kid published well received and awarded debut. Aid Kid plays live music, performs as a DJ, works with scenic music, composes tunes, spots, music for video mapping and interactive installations. He is also a guitarist in the band Děti mezi reprákama (Kids Within Speakers). And together with Kittchen, Aid Kid is a member of the creative core of the collective called Zvíře jménem Podzim (Animal Called Autumn).