Jindřich Janíček a Taťána Rubášová (CZ) - Peculiar Robot Expedition


Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 12:30 PM

The human population no longer exists and the robot have no idea about it. Yet they are quietly following their steps. The robots are sending two of their travellers, William and Meriwether, to map the sources and explore new territories. Thus begins fantastic journey through the territory where United States used to be. The explorers go through many challenges, water, mountains, and forest, while explaining all the human remains in a tragicomic wrong way. How will they deal with the discovery of incomprehensible inventions? And when will they finally get along? A comic book for children and adults that love humour, adventure, and sci-fi.

The authors will also present some other work of Jindřich Janíček and show some sketches of the continued robot story.