François Svalis + guest (CZ) + Trippl-Krippl VJs (CZ)


Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 9:30 PM

François Svalis is a producers from Olomouc which caught the interest beyond Czech borders thanks to his melancholic electro published via Soundcloud. Together with the same-thinking generation of artists in Europe, he tries to push the boundaries of electronic music towards live performance based on speed and dexterity of his flow more than with well-prepared loops from the computer. His music surfs on the melodies with repeated tone, from chaos to harmony, just to recreate magical presence and open the pass to infinite tantric unity. After a sharp start of this year when he had tens of concerts in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, he is back in his burrow in Olomouc with a plan for a debut album in the end of 2018. Svalis cooperates with labels like Amselcom, Keller, and Circle od Us (DE), Dream Club (CA), Thathard Magazine (SW), or Space Shore (RU).